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My name is Beth Laske-Miller, I am a Chicago native, living and working in the Greater Chicagoland area. I have a passion for making, fixing and transforming all manner of things that involve fabric; from advertising to wearables to home decor.

The blog portion of this page will showcase projects that presented particular challenges or feature unique elements and discoveries. I hope you will enjoy walking through this with me. If you prefer to see the pics without all the words, please visit the Gallery. If you’d like more info, or would like a quote on a project, click Contact from any page.

A little background: Always a creative and curious kid, I was fascinated by how things were made, and enjoyed taking things apart and remaking them. This led me to study Sculpture & 3D Art at IU-Bloomington, followed closely by Costume and Fashion Design, also at IUB, and finally received my MFA in Theatrical Design with a focus on Costume Design from CalArts. I started my professional costume design career in 2004, and am still active in that field. If you’d like to check out my Costume Design portfolio, it can be found here.

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Still from ‘Nevemore’ for Black Button Eyes Prod. 2018. Cole Simon, photographer

Throughout that time, I also developed my skills as an upholsterer, and would frequently pick up discarded furniture to take apart, study, fix, and put back together. I particularly enjoy refreshing antique pieces. I started taking on home decor and commercial clients in 2011.

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Antique settee recovered in vibrant raspberry linen

In 2014, I added Softgoods Fabricator to my repertoire, and tailored my skills to work in advertising and commercials.

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