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2021 – Papa Johns Epic Stuffed Recliner

“Papa John’s Celebrates Its New Epic Stuffed Crust by calling on fans to show off their #EpicStuffs, awarding winner with an epically stuffed chair for the ultimate sports watching experience. The enormous, Epic Stuffed Chair features a reinforced pizza table, a smartphone holder and a Garlic Sauce cup dispenser, plus a 1.5 horsepower motor to…

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Painted Vintage Sewing Machine Desk

Here’s where this table started: It was in pretty rough shape, lots of deep gouges and scratches, so I ultimately decided to paint it, rather than refinish. I removed the machine and all hardware, filled in any gouges, sanded the remaining finish, and started fresh with Kilz & a basecoat Then to plan, tape out…

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Antique Settee Gets Fresh!

This little lady had some great bones, but needed some new clothes: Faded, coming apart at the seams, and overly fussy. The idea here was to update it, and fill in the back tufting to make a smooth surface. I replaced most of the stuffing and filled in the gaps from the tufting. The seat…

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